Monthly Archive for August, 2002

fro-boy is alive and well. blog silence due to many things….mostly because my pc was down with an annoying computer virus (never open an unknown e-mail attachment! even if it seems to be a harmless jpg file). had to buy norton and download a specific virus-killer from their site. now, i’ve jetted over to southern virginia, where i’m sitting in a kinko’s typing this at a criminal rate of $12 an hour. i’m taking a leadership course, which ends friday afternoon. from there, i’ll soak up some sun on the outer banks of north carolina, if the weather permits (rained all day today). ciao till i find a phone jack to plug in my laptop.

now you see it     now you don't

one of the cool and interesting things about the great city of london are the shop window displays. above is an example of one i came across last weekend when my aussie baby took me to the theatre to see the most excellent lion king show for my birthday. these are two views of the same window as we walked past (click on each for a larger version). now that’s what i call advertising.

i must ask: why the sudden shock and alarm in the news about the asian brown cloud? it’s bad i know, but why is this the first we’re hearing of it? it’s covering almost all of southern asia, for God’s sake! it had to have grown from something smaller. it surely didn’t appear overnight. why the hell weren’t people doing something about it when it first started to appear? in surfing around for articles on it, i came across this bizarro suicide story from thailand.

dag, yo! x-dog bin readin lotsa da onion and that’s some funny-ass she-ite. don’t be playa hatas, y’all, and reads yo’self bout some office max offin’. straight up.

my favorite building in the world.

“why are you wearing that stupid bunny-suit?”, donnie asks.
“why are you wearing that stupid man-suit?”, rabbit replies.

in a twisted twist on the classic jimmy stewart flick, harvey, a six foot tall rabbit appears to a troubled virginia teenager warning about the end of the world. donnie darko is my pick for best film of 1991. it was released late last year and its ‘turning back the clock’ storyline seems particularly potent after what happened in lower manhattan. it is dark, beautiful, and original, with great performances, especially by jake gyllenhaal (homer hickam in october sky). hard to categorize the movie, though, and nothing is fully explained, leaving it open to interpretation by the viewer. it’s about tragedy & loss, time travel, psychosis, teen angst, kiddie porn, self-help shammers, x-files-type government cover ups, and God (divine intervention or deus ex machina). besides harvey, look for the references to stephen king, et-the extra terrestrial, an american werewolf in london, and the last temptation of Christ (see trivia). and there’s a hilarious philosophical tirade about the sex life of smurfs. set in the late 80s, there’s great period music throughout. it opens with echo and the bunnymen’s ‘the killing moon’, and includes joy division’s ‘love will tear us apart’, the church’s ‘under the milky way’, and a great final scene, overlayed with a cover of tears for fears’ classic ‘mad world’.