Monthly Archive for July, 2002

and while i’m on the subject of marlon b, i really do feel this poor guy’s pain. it’s all coming to a climax now as i just bought apocalypse now – redux on dvd. note to baby: this may be your last chance to possibly salvage our relationship.

aha! fear of raw, brooding, smoldering sexuality and the true story behind the great brando’s unseemly weight gain of recent years. i should have figured it was the work of a wicked, us president. funny that the story has been covered up since making headline news in 1956. the power of an evil empire.

woohooo!….i just did a yahoo search on froboy and you’ll never guess what comes up at number one.

our resources being used up at unprecedented rates (thank you suv owners), overpopulation, asteroids hurtling towards us, stocks tumbling, the continued terrorist threat, rob lowe leaving the west wing (kidding)…now we have stupid idiots introducing foreign species to foreign ecosystems. some jerk brought the snakehead fish from asia, dumped it in a maryland lake, and now it’s chomping everything in its path. the thing can slither on land for up to three days, thus moving to other lakes and waterways. i think it’s been found in at least seven lakes now. and here’s the kicker: it has no natural enemies like it does in asia and sits atop the freshwater fish food chain here. tough fish. tasty and a great fighter for anglers, but if we don’t get it under control, it’ll take over and there won’t be anything else to fish for.

my aussie bird made me go see an aussie film on the last day of the cambridge arts picture house film festival. lantana. named after some kind of thick bush that they have a lot of down under. it was actually very good. probably because half the actors were actually americans, faking an australian accent. it was kind of like short cuts in that it follows the lives of several people and their paths cross at some point in the film. anthony lapaglia was great as the cop investigating the disappearance of a psychiatrist (his wife’s, though he doesn’t know it). i don’t want to give anything away, so i’ll just say it was a very moving and real, with great performances. no swordplay, gunfire, or explosions. or gratuitous nudity (i can hear pete scratching it off his list). oh, and it looks like barbara hershey deflated her lips.

I keep my head up high to ease my mind
Of all these true sensations

just a lyrical sample of my favorite band at the moment, black rebel motorcycle club. this trio came out of the oakland area, home of the raiders, so you know they gotsta be good. they sound like a cocktail mix of Jesus & Mary chain and charlatans with a splash of smithereens. i’m sorry i’m going to miss them perform live at the reading festival this year. add them to the long list of bands i really want to see, but can’t because of a work related shit back in the states. weezer, white stripes, the hives, feeder, cornershop, comebacks from the breeders and prodigy, and much more…

i can just see it now. a public service announcement on tv where anthony edwards of er cautions, “if you know you have a foreign body in your rectum, or think you do, seek medical help to remove it as soon as is practicable…”. since richard gere supposedly started the trend, the incidence rate of rfo‘s (rectal foreign objects) is evidently on the rise.

has the “ny city dartman” moved to washington, DC?!

monster’s ball. halle berry was good but not really oscar-winning good, i don’t think. she does fake an orgasm really well though. and damn, she’s beautiful. to give her credit, the quiet, final scene in the movie was its best and berry expressed her character’s feelings perfectly without saying a word. just an excellent scene. the movie’s score was great in reflecting the general emotion of the film. pretty good special feature on the score if you get the dvd version. and if you do get the dvd, make sure to check out billy bob thornton doing karl from sling blade in the ‘behind the scenes’ special feature. funny. in the rapper-turned-actor category, mos def blew away sean combs, even though his scenes were much shorter. def has a possible future in acting while combs should stick with his bubble gum/sample rap. very good flick in all, but if you’re looking for light, cheery entertainment, don’t go here. for most guys though, just getting to watch halle for two hours is worth the $5 rental fee.

jp is currently in the states. wonder if he paid homage to the master ($pielberg….his spelling) by going to the multiplex and shelling out the ten bucks required to see his latest?