Monthly Archive for June, 2002

cyprus flagit is one nation, invisible…as it damn well should be. the trnc (turkish republic of northern cyprus, as they call it, an illegal entity) is simply another result of turkish force and expansionist policies. when they invaded in 1974, under the guise of protecting the very small turkish cypriot monority and using the greek junta coup as an excuse, they held only 3% of land. then, after order had been restored and talks were being held (and an agreement seemed to be close), they mounted a second offensive in which they captured 36% of the island. that piece is still held today in what is probably, outside of korea, the most miltarized region in the world. the un will never recognize that backward half of the island. let them watch as the republic of cyprus joins the european union and continues to prosper. if their past is anything to go by, i’m sorry to say that the turks’ intransigence and destruction of greek heritage will continue. but who knows, they could surprise everyone, leave, and greek and turkish cypriots would live side by side in peace as they had for years before. and then the israelis and palestinians, iraqis and kurds, albanians and serbs would follow. dreams.

please don’t mock me….i just saw the ultimate teen fluff movie, josie and the pussycats. tara reid, rachel leigh cook, and parker posey on the dvd sleeve made me do it. and i admit that i watched the cartoon as a kid (those toon girls were hot!). it was actually alright. the whole subliminal messaging in music (by mr moviephone) aimed at mindless teens storyline was pretty funny. the record company bad guy, alan cumming, was cool and funny. he was also seen playing basically the same character in ‘spy kids’. is it just me, or could this guy be pee wee herman’s british brother? they should just give every part that requires a british-accented villain to this dude. and i don’t know if it was part of the joke of the movie (probably), but the product placement/marketing was totally in your face. the best part of the flick though was the first ten minutes with dujour (listen for their smash hit, ‘back door lover’), a totally hilarious spoof on the ridiculous boy band phenomenon that just won’t go away, regretably. they couldn’t even kill them off in the movie. lastly, what’s the deal with the guy they casted to play josie’s supposedly ‘hunky’ love interest? he had little girly arms and looked like beck.

funny….for some reason i have an intense craving for a coke and krispy kremes.

with wimbledon in the sports news over here, especially with the brit (you can tell by his teeth) tim henman having his best chance to finally win it since most of the good players have been upset, i thought i’d post this article on one of the best ever, john mcenroe. he has an autobiography out, but the article is more of an interview than a review. interesting are his thoughts on bjorn borg, reagan, arthur ashe, and x-wife tatum o’neal among other things. and remember the 80’s group, scandal? they were a one-hit wonder with ‘goodbye to you’, thanks to the cute lead singer and heavy rotation on mtv. did you know that mac is married to her and they have three kids (he has six total)? true. lucky bastard. tennis is (more) boring without him. it’s sad when the most exciting thing in this year’s wimbledon is mcenroe’s commentary. even sadder when anna k gets knocked out so early.

sigur rosi don’t understand a word they’re singing, but those icelandic boys, sigur ros, play a really cool, unique, space-age brand of chill-out music. kinda like enya if she was good, and from another planet. and if you really wanna rawk, a band described as “playing hip-hop from the mean urban ghetto streets of iceland”, check out quarashi. they’re a cross between rage against the machine and beastie boys. that cd isn’t leaving my car player anytime soon. could be dangerous coupling ‘stick em up’ with 200hp.

take free enneagram test

liam posted the interesting link above on his blog, hey listen. i was a tie between 1 and 3 at 15%, but the range wasn’t very wide: 6-13%, 8-12%, 2-11%, 7-11%, 5-10%, 9-10%, and 4-9%. i don’t know if i believe these tests. the last time i took an enneagram test was in a work-related team-building seminar and i came out as a friendly, outgoing person and everyone knows i’m a dangerous loner with a elaborate shrine to kate winslet by my bed.

going back to vicenza for a second, i have to post a photo of the beautiful teatro olympico. it was palladio’s last masterpiece (though he died just before construction began) and the first indoor theatre built in europe after the fall of the roman empire. the picture doesn’t do it justice. it was just amazing with its corinthian (greek) columns and 3d street scenes that are said to represent the city of thebes in the great greek philosopher sophocles’ oedipus rex. did i say it was based on a model of greek theatres? and that they tend to stage greek tragedies there? while i loved italy, i must still say that the espresso there is good but overrated (i stand by my previous blog on the subject) and they make cappuccinos as if for little girls (too milky and shit). and while this applies to greece as well, i’m sure, they are such fashion victims….the two things that i saw everywhere (and i mean everywhere…what happened to individuality?) were clear plastic bra straps on the girls and pumas on anything with two legs. wonder if jp has got himself a pair yet? the pumas i mean.

proof x was really in venicei’m back in england and the weather here is actually a relief after the heat of northern italy. it was even making headline news over there. what a job this is though….this was my view from the top of san marco’s campanile just the other day. it was great, that is, until the giant bells started going off just a few yards from my head.

i can still smell the sweet roses. i visited the villa rotonda, otherwise known as the villa almerico capra valmarana, today. it’s one of palladio’s better known works and probably the most famous of the veneto villas, in which there are several. they had some bizarre hours for getting in to check out the lavish interior, something like wednesdays between 3 and 6, but i was perfectly happy to walk around the outside. my guide tells me it wasn’t actually built as a home, but as a ‘pleasure pavillion’ for retired cleric, paolo almerico. and a colleague had told me that the thomas jefferson memorial in dc was based on this structure. don’t know if that’s true, though. none of the literature i have mentions it. anybody heard this?

well, here’s my starwars EP2 blog: at the risk of destroying my recent cinematic credibility just sited by x and liam a few blogs ago, let me give the flick two thumbs up … or at least say it blew away the first prequel. pace was much better, it had a darker feel much like the empire strikes back (despite anakin’s spreading the love around), and worked along several blanks needing to be filled in to set up EP3 and it’s connection to the rest of the chain. props for hiring career badguy christopher plummer. although it was nice to see n. portman finally get into something form-fitting in order to wreak havoc at the end, i got a good laugh at when her top was suddenly torn (in battle) to a midriff piece … it immediately brought to mind requisite torn-shirt segments from roughly every third star trek show when kirk got beat down before kicking ass himself. as for yoda freaking with the light sabre … hilarious – he looked like a frog-in-a-blender or something. oh yeah – those sonic bombs or whatever fett lobbed at obi wan in that planetary ring scene … way cool sound/visual effects.

i’m in beautiful vicenza, italy all week for a conference. the great thing about my job and the traveling involved is the learning. i’ve been awakened to so much history, art, and culture that i probably slept through in high school classes. in vicenza, i’ve seen some of the most influential and gorgeous architecture around, by andrea palladio(b1508), he of the famous palladian window. it’s worthy of a travel page and if i get time, i’d like to make one of a walking tour around the city. jp had the chance to move and work here and i think he’s crazy for not taking it. verona and venice (i’ll be there this weekend) are less than an hour away, as well. vicenza is not only rich in architecture, it has the highest gdp in italy, practically no unemployment, and their goldsmiths produce some of europe’s finest jewellery. besides the great villas, pallazi, piazzas, and casas, my favorite thing may be the food. italian has always been my favorite and for two days in a row, i’ve dined on baccala alla vicentina, a delicious stewed stockfish (cod) over polenta (cornmeal). the bigoli (fat spaghetti) with duck sauce was excellent too. i’m staying at the hotel giardini, a modest little hotel across the piazza matteotti from palladio’s teatro olympico, which i hope to visit before weeks end. it seems everything starts closing when i get out of my meetings, so i hope to duck out early friday. by the way, on the negative side of things, it’s hot as hell here, a/c is rare (my hotel room’s unit blows like a cheap whore), and they can’t stop whining about their shock loss to s korea in the world cup (though that part is kind of enjoyable).