Monthly Archive for May, 2002

while i was out, jp made a reference to breaking news on m piazza. just caught up on it and i must say i suspected something back when he was changing hair color on every road trip. hilarious espn::page2 series that goes inside his head. also check out some of the others, like anna k, m mcgwire, and next weeks new heavyweight boxing champeen after he throttles that british fag, m tyson.

i’m back from the states and i don’t know how my hours got so messed up, but i’ve been sleeping from 6pm to 3am the last threee nights. anyway, the trip was fine. good conference and it was great to see the stus again. we met at the friday herndon concert. i later met mo and his beautiful daughter, olivia, for lunch at baja fresh. to steal gooter’s words….”gooood”. i went there twice, it was so good. the only other place that deserved a repeat visit was starbucks. overall, i saw the sun, ate well (glorious beef!), bought stuff (cd’s, clothes),went to a “jazz” club (more on that later), and toured c around dc and virginia. visiting arlington cemetary on memorial day weekend was nice. the harley convention in town added an interesting twist. and, oh yeah, there were friggin’ swans in the hotel lobby. isn’t there something wrong with that? and lastly, i was disappointed not to have seen hugosthere while in our great capital. i was cryin about the famous hfs-tival happening the last weekend i was there and not having anyone to go with (maybe a good thing in hindsight, after hearing about the problems and the fact that the little hoosier eminem played) ….forgot all about the man that turned me on to the fairfax fair and the great nerd band, they might be giants (second only to weezer in that genre). those were the days.

i’m in day 2 of the work conference in virginia. it’s good as usual, but best part: in-house starbucks. my trip to florida’s “redneck riviera” just before this was a wash…almost literally. it rained one day and was cold, cloudy, and windy another. we actually saw a water spout form just off the coast. i had only one half day of partly sunny skies. it looked great when i arrived, but that was short lived. it seems the weather is following me from england because the dc area is breaking records for the cold. it’s usually hot and unbearably humid this time of year. the florida trip was still worth it because of the family factor, the great condo, and the delicious seafood. i know i gained at least five pounds there.

leaving this morning for the states. i’m flying thru dc and atlanta to meet my sister and her family in navarre beach, fla (finally….sun….glorious sun). after the weekend, i fly back to dc for a gis (that’s geographic information systems) conference which runs until the 24th. i’ll be holed up at this conference center in virginia. the term ‘holed-up’ is apt here since ‘the man’ says he doesn’t have the money to pay an extra $30 a day for us to have rental cars. cheap bastards! yet it’s ok for them to pay for fucking management types to fly across the globe and spew their empty bureaucratic rhetoric. the money never goes to the people that do the real work. i said fuck it and rented a car myself.

hung out with a beautiful friend in windsor last weekend and had some delicious creamed teas at the crooked tea house. damn, that clotted cream is some rich stuff. it goes straight to my love handles. the house is, like a lot of structures in this country, really old, and has an interesting history. secret passageways are cool and spark the imagination.

a bunch of authors from all over the world were queried for their best books of all time and came up with this top 100 list. and the winner was….don quixote. i’ve never read it, but it looks intimidating (i.e. long). i can’t believe that f scott fitzgerald’s the great gatsby didn’t make it, especially considering it was voted number two (behind james joyce’s ulysses) on a recent top 100 poll of 20th century novels. don’t think that one was international and was sponsored by the random house modern library editorial board. still though, makes me wonder if there was some anti-americanism going on there. at least mark twain made it on the list. it was nice to see kazantzakis’ zorba the greek make it, but nothing from heller or vonnegut. and so many i’ve never heard of. most glaring omission….it’s only the greatest book ever written: The Bible.

i have a bunch of rented dvd’s stacking up here that i have to get thru before leaving for the states on wednesday. first on the schedule was slc punk. slc as in salt lake city. i love it when i come across these little known gems. this movie’s about a group of punks living in slc in the reagan-era mid-eighties…how they live, how they think, and how they grow up. who knew that there were punks, and even mods, in this conservative, mormon city. evidently there were, as the director grew up there and the story is loosely based on his experiences. it centers around and is narrated by one punk in particular, stevo, played by matthew lillard. granted, lillard can be annoying at times, but here his performance is fairly understated and sympathetic. his best friend ‘heroin bob’ and mike the nerd are among some of the other entertaining characters in the film. note here that bob’s nickname is a joke as he’s never taken the stuff and has a fear of needles. great scenes where chaos theory is attempted to be explained, moshing, dissin’ the brits, and going across the border to wyoming to purchase real (6% v 3% alcohol content) beer. it reminded me a little of when my friends and i would drive across the mississippi river to illinois to buy beer before we were 21, since their drinking age was 18. the movie is also pretty harsh on the city of slc. there are several scenes where the characters basically describe it as a ‘nowhere’, but it stops short of being critical of mormon culture and there’s a pretty scene starring the great salt lake (also a hilarious one as a euro-trash friend of bob and stevo’s steals a car and tries to sink it in the lake, only to find that it floats). fun movie, and to paraphrase stevo’s dad, ‘don’t sell out…buy in’.

another terrible train tragedy here. and i was just on this line last night coming home from london.

excellent guardian article on the superb, addictive, new show 24.

french protest selves…now that’s funny. the happy fun pundit is linguist/blues fan/blogger extraordinaire, liam’s, “favorite site”. props to him for bringing it to my attention. it probably deserves to be put in the blogs to dig box and will be when i’m feeling less lazy. for more hilarity, make sure you check out all your jew chicks are belong to us on the same page, although the link to the story about the saudi telethon host is quite disturbing. getting back to the whacky french, their almost-election of a nazi to president reminds me of an old jamie glazov column about their national shame.