bullboardhere’s a field report from my southern european operative, gianni:

warning: musical recommendations by gianni are in no way endorsed by fro-boy. after all, this is the same guy that told everyone to rush out and buy shakira’s new album.

“if there’s a 3-story bullboard on the side of a highway, you must be in beautiful andalucia this toro was just outside of jerez de la frontera on my way to sevilla. ok, i’ve hyped italia plenty but i must confess to really feeling a connection to espana. and to tortilla – no, not the kind from the new world but the ubiquitous staple that really hits the spot 🙂 it was a little rough and embarassing fighting my way from italian back to spanish but instinct took over by week’s end. also, andalucian radio rocks: the classic and modern flamenco tunes provided a great soundtrack, and i was pleasantly surpised/impressed to hear cool, lesser-known tunes like simple minds’ ‘love song’ and crowded house’s ‘chocolate cake.’ no matter where you live, i highly recommend a trip to southern spain – i know i’ll be back!”

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