Monthly Archive for February, 2002

did you know that the mickey-dees which opened on Pushkin Square in January 1990, is still the busiest outlet in the world, and McDonald’s has grown to 74 restaurants in russia? all those anti-globalization idiots can put this in their pipe and smoke it.

i hope i’m good looking cuz i did terribly on this iq test. the guy who sent this to me in an e-mail said he scored 10 out of 11. well, i call bullshit. it’s tough! funny, because while i was taking it, i thought it was easy(hint, hint). try it and tell me your score so i’ll feel better.

just re-screened cult classic soylent green. despite its cheesy surface, i think the plot actually works – especially in light of other post-apocalypse films. charlton’s semi-corrupt cop act (quickly cashing in on a freshly dead guy’s stocked refrigerator and stacked girlfriend – all while on the beat) is pretty good, and seeing him go ga-ga over being able to take a hot shower and crank the a/c up in the stiff’s apartment gets the forseen greenhouse effect point across. speaking of 70s future shock, remember those goofy ecology flags you’d always get in a box of honeycombs or alphabits? lastly, gotta love those stylish chairman mao leisure suits the playuhs sport in SG.

wow – putting the grrr into friesinger; anni, that is. why don’t we (uh, by this, i mean team usa) have these kinds of babe speed skaters? see ‘bilder-galerie’ for more 🙂

bada-bingthe ugly weather continues here. we actually got hail, malteser size, yesterday. i’m spending an exciting weekend indoors…sleeping in, doing my taxes, recording mp3’s, and having a soprano-fest. not the fat singers, but the highly acclaimed hbo series. it is truly excellent television. i’m finishing up season two on dvd. even gianni, the guy who recently actually referred to some italian olympic “athletes” as “we”, would like it, i think. he was all offended because he read somewhere that italians were offended as to how they were portrayed. get real. it’s a tv show. the dude has not even a drop of italian blood in him. he’s taking this going-native thing a little too far. and i get shit at the office for using the term ‘greek-american’ when i am. i like the show so much, it may warrant a t-shirt buy from their on-line store. i like the pork store shirt, but it would be an easy decision if the bada-bing t-shirt had the actual strip club’s logo(at left). i can’t believe they actually censored out the naked girl silhouette. what a bunch of crap.

as for gianni, i’m sure he’ll change his mind about watching when he finds out that alicia witt makes an appearance in episode 20. by the way, did you buy your english-made, burberry scarf, lemming-boy? not only is it everywhere in italy, it’s a hot item in japan, where girls are selling themselves into prostitution to afford them.

the always entertaining ralph wiley plays renfield to al davis’ dracula and says that the bucs totally got played. hmmmmm….those draft picks do seem to take the sting out.

i promised to post this for gianni and his fans:

“gianni circa sept 77, 6th grade – during my golden years as a star athlete. back when it was cool to emulate the juice, i was a mean fullback who got even at noseguard to boot. i think my season stats were 45 carries for like 100 yds/no tds/one fumble at wheaton boys club’s 1/2 yd line (i

cried and immediately sacked them for a safety in a fit of rage). note old-school relics: a czonkaesque bull-ring on my riddell and no arm/elbow pads in sight, baby.”

i’m cutting him some slack here for even mentioning that hideous murderer who’s running….er golfing…free. just this once, my man. and that should read ‘pete banaszak-esque’. more points taken off for mentioning football and not the silver and black. raiders forever baby!

before i was shocked into submission by the news of coach g leaving, i spent a happy sunday in london with two beautiful women(and a considerably less attractive gianni). chinatown was celebrating the chinese new year, bringing in the horse, so we stayed with the theme and ate chinese at the dragon inn. it was recommended by a colleague of mine and while it was fine (my first time eating the crispy duck with ‘pancakes’….goood!), i get the feeling that all the chinese restaurants in that area are pretty much the same. actually, the day wasn’t all that. first, the cambridge train station was closed due to track repairs, so we had to drive to the next town of royston to catch a train to kings cross in london. second, we waited in a queue for over an hour to get tickets to the much-heralded ‘lion king’ show only for it to sell out just as we got to within a few people from the front. third, i think i pissed off one of the aforementioned beauties when i gave her bad info on where to meet us (the place changed names on me). fourth, a cool bar i kept reading about and dragged my friends to was closed when we got there, contrary to what my formerly-trusty guidebook said. so, damn, in hindsight that isn’t exactly a shiny, happy day. the company was good though and i did the tower bridge experience, which basically amounts to seeing a couple of short films on its history and going up into the elevated walkway. and note to self: ask carolyn to elaborate on her ‘living with 5 guys’ experience (yes, that is a five….huh…navy girls).

i’m not a big tennis fan, but if they showed a crowd shot like this between every point, i’d become a regular viewer. this is actually russian player, marat safin’s girlfriend according to an e-mail i got from a cousin in greece. this safin guy hasn’t won much lately and now i know why. if i had this gorgeous bird waiting for me, i’d try to get off the court and into her arms as quickly as possible. as the dude who forwarded these photos to me wrote, “just one word….bastard!”.

i’m stunned. if this is true, davis better have gotten a king’s ransom from tampa bay. this is a huge loss and big mistake unless the raiders at least get warren sapp and two first round choices. at least. anything less and i think al should be shot or put in a home. this is further proof that team loyalty in sports is all but a thing of the past. as if the snow job didn’t hurt enough.