ultraweird. good word for any david lynch film and it’s especially apt in describing mulholland drive. i saw it a few days ago and i’m still thinking about it, though maybe it was just the hot lesbian sex. it had the typical lynch details like the midget in a wheelchair, creepy curtain-draped rooms, meant-to-be-bad acting, strange characters (“cowboy”), nonlinear story, and spooky-but-cool angelo badalamenti music. the seemingly disjointed story doesn’t come together til the end, but i think i’ve sorta wrapped my brain around it. if you didn’t like twin peaks, blue velvet, or lost highway, you probably won’t enjoy this. some(few) called it ‘incoherent, pretentious drivel’, but if you’re close-minded and just want a standard bruckheimer ‘guns and explosions’ movie, move on brother. i think the measure of a good movie is that it makes you think and stays with you. this definitely did that to me. and the beautiful women didn’t hurt. the voluptuous laura elena harring was luscious but i preferred the lanky, blonde naomi watts. she was excellent…going from the naive, mid-western girl looking to be a movie star to…well…what she became (i won’t give it away). personally, i think it had something to do with that creepy elderly couple she met on the plane to los angeles (they give the ‘rosemary’s baby’ cast a run for their devil-money). it’s definitely worth seeing…if just to feel the weirdness, but note that it could just be too weird for you. and don’t be put off by the fact that billy ray cyrus is in it. he has a small, sterotypical cameo and doesn’t sing.

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