Monthly Archive for November, 2001

words for a guy to live by…

“I have three rules in life. Always get at least 12 hours of sleep. Never play cards with someone who has the same first name as a city. And never get involved with a woman who has a tattoo of a dagger on her arm. Stick with those three and everything else is cream cheese.”

can somebody help me and tell me what sports movie this quote is from?

i’m a bad son. i totally forgot my mom and dad’s 40th wedding anniversary a couple of weeks ago. they’ve already forgiven me. after all, i am their first born and most favorite(sorry pete….true dat). happy belated fortieth to the greatest mom and dad a guy can have. a footnote here…i’m thirty nine and about three months old…do the math and x=honeymoon baby?

back from the cradle of democracy, greece, a country that now doesn’t even practice full-fledged democracy and shows flashes of hatred toward a country that is the best example of the system they gave birth to and seem to be so proud of. do i sound pissed? i just still can’t get over the soccer game booing and burning of an american flag during a moment of silence for the 11 september murder victims thing. plus other disturbing comments i’ve heard people make who visited recently. good news is that i didn’t experience any of this in my short trip there, but i didn’t get out much or bring up the subject either. anyway, it was a nice trip. i was treated like a king by my family over there as usual. i got to spend time with my beautiful baptistira, finally met maria and dimitri’s newest addition, panouli, and jimmy and mahi’s x-large twins. i was happy also that my barney tapes were big hits as gifts. that dorky, purple dinosaur seems to hypnotize the kids at times….a good thing when you’d like a break from nine kids screaming. i also had a great time on sunday with my other, more distant farmaki cousins. they met me down in the port of piraeus area and we had a coffee at a streetside cafe perfect for the people watching. then they treated me to a fantastic seafood lunch at a great, local, down-home restaurant. they’re great. i vow to spend more time with them on future trips to greece. i’m buying next time though. my only complaint on this trip was the mostly miserable weather. they told me it turned the day i arrived. must have brought it with me from this bloody country.

sorry i didn’t carry the torch in fro:boy’s absence during his hellenic holiday … but here’s a newsflash: He Hate Me of xfl “fame” finally broke into the big leagues – aptly with Philthadelphia 😉

i’m leaving tomorrow for greece to spend the thanksgiving holiday with my family over there. hopefully, i’ll be able to post some pictures of the new babies and the ever-growing kids. and also hopefully, i won’t have to rock some idiot who may make an anti-american comment to me. i’ve heard some disturbing stories of what some people are saying over there but….i’ll try to rise above it.

“One must do violence to the object of one’s desire; when it surrenders, the pleasure is greater.”

“Sexual pleasure is, I agree, a passion to which all others are subordinate but in which they all unite.”

“In order to know virtue, we must first acquaint ourselves with vice.”

the marquis de sade rules! his writing was controversial, but, like howard cosell, he just told it like it was. ok, maybe he doesn’t totally rule. after all, he wrote, “the idea of God is the sole wrong for which I cannot forgive mankind”. there are so many ‘period’ films that tie sexual themes up like a corset, but not in quills. the movie gets a fro-boy-sanctioned out of five fro picks. it’s a fictionalized account of mds’s last years after he was banished to an insane asylum by emperor napolean for his blasphemous, erotic novels. great performances by michael caine as the evil doctor, joaquin phoenix, and kate winslet (i forgot how beautiful that woman is), in addition to the oscar-nominated geoffrey rush, perfect as the marquis (though a little too much scenery of his ass…a lot more disturbing to me than the much publicized scenes of torture, death, and ‘frank’ language). capsulized: a story about how human expression and imagination cannot be silenced…or…how to enjoy kate winslet’s gorgeous cleavage (i blame the movie’s sadistic influence for that comment). as for the marquis himself, i don’t think he was as bad a guy as some say. he had no faith and was a little extreme with the pain and excrement thing for my tastes but hey…they named a word after the guy.

in reading about the st louis blues’ glamorous say it ain’t so history, i have to ask…what the hell is up with the (‘garage-league’) nhl and the compensation awards they hand out? that is truly fucked up. and they just scratched the surface of blues’ bad trade history…i think every great goalie of the last 30 years has gone thru st louis. lastly, whatup with the nhl and their genius(that’s sarcasm), new scoring system where teams have records like 5-3-1-3. lemme get this straight… get points for losing (in overtime)? that shit is approaching that most gay of games, cricket.

i’ve loathed SI’s self-important print version for years now but despite themselves they do serve up some good stuff online. say it ain’t so lists some cool stories about historic bad trades, bust draft picks, and/or moves that sent key players out the door. for some reason they didn’t caputure the entire demise of the early 90s g.s. warriors … but the bit on bosworth was a great dissing and remember the nj nets’ would-be savior yinka dare?!

 now this is why i go to the movies. for gems like ghost world. what a great and entertaining movie. no explosions, special effects, exotic locations…just a funny and poignant story with truthful acting and real characters. it’s directed by the guy who did the excellent documentary on the comic book artist crumb, terry zwigoff. this too, is comic book related; it’s based on a cult comic book series by the same name and is about a few weeks in the life of two slacker girls who have just graduated high school and are trying to find their way in life. the acting is terrific by the entire cast, from the main characters played by steve buscemi(seymour, a role he was born to play), thora birch(perfection as the disaffected enid), and scarlett johannson(rebecca, enid’s best friend) to every minor character like david cross, brad renfro, illeana douglas(enid’s art teacher), and bob balaban(enid’s dad). and this movie has one of the funniest characters i’ve ever seen…a mullet-haired, stonewashed-jean-wearin, farmer-tanned, slim-jim-eatin, num-chuk-swingin, hoosier-loser guy(doug) that hangs out at the mini-mart. he’s played by an actor named dave sheridan in a very jim carrey-like way. i almost rolled out of my seat a few times when he was on the screen. the guy is like a real life ‘beavis and butthead’ or ‘king of the hill’ character. one of doug’s hilarious lines came at the expense of the greek mini-mart owner who threw him out of the shop for coming in without a shirt. even i, the proud greek-american that i am, had to laugh(you’ll see what i mean when you see it). also great scenes at the porn shop, the record collector geek party, the sports bar, enid’s movie theatre job…but there wasn’t a bad scene in this one. it even co-stars a great blues song called ‘devil got my woman’ by skip james and some funky 1960’s bollywood musicals. i’ve read this movie described as being a catcher in the rye for the 21st century and that’s a pretty apt description.

jennifer lopez was cool when she was small-time (though her ass was never that) in movies like u-turn, but i really lost respect for her when she was hanging out with gun-toting losers like puff daddy, came up with her ‘j-lo’ moniker, and just started acting like a stuck-up diva-bitch. some proof is here. i wonder? would a temper tantrum ensue if she found a tomato juice can or a non-white candle in her trailer? what a ridiculous list of demands! and for a 90 minute charity appearance. and did the world really need another pop singer like her? it just feeds her ego that much more. her self-love just oozes out of her videos. and lastly, she ain’t all that. she’s not as hot as the press makes her out to be. awright…she has a nice, round ass on her, but not much else (if you know what i mean) and that onion is only gonna blow up to monster proportions as she gets older.