a beautiful movie that really didn’t get much in the way of critical acclaim(though the cranky critic liked it a lot, surprisingly. the same guy that raved about blow.) was snow falling on cedars. i know…it’s a love story at it’s base, but really lots more(about loss, prejudice, and doing the right thing). it was interesting in when and where it took place…on a small island in puget sound, in the pacific northwest, during the late 30’s to post-ww2, covering our dark history of japanese internment camps. ethan hawke was solid, and sam shepard, james cromwell, and the great max von sydow stood out. favorite scenes were von sydow’s closing arguments and the emotional moment after the judge excuses the jury, but just about every scene was shot with such an artful, poetic cinematic touch. a marvelous movie that i highly recommend. here’s a little known fact relating to the film’s setting…did you know that the most decorated military unit in american history was the 442nd regimental combat team which was composed of japanese-american soldiers? true. they had over 9000 casualties in italy and france during ww2. many of them fighting and dying for our country while their families were in camps. a sordid sidenote: watch for the part of the coroner, played by the dude who was the dad in the alf tv series. he’s the subject of a bizarre tabloid story.

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