Monthly Archive for October, 2001

i went out to the picture house over the weekend to see the coen bros’ new flick, the man who wasn’t there. those guys make movies like no one else. this one is a 40’s film noir about a barber in 1949 santa rosa california (where the raiders train), beautifully shot in glorious black and white. slow-paced but brilliant, don’t go see it if you’re expecting to see stuff blowed up. all around great cast and billy bob thornton is excellent as the the title character. he now has the record for most butts lit up in one film, a chesterfield perpetually hung out of his mouth. he basically plays a quiet loser who tries to shake up his life to tragic consequences. i won’t say any more, but movie includes cheatin wives, sleazy lawyers (“i litigate, i don’t capitulate”), beethoven, dry cleaning, haircuts, blackmail, murder, and blow jobs(“heavens to betsy!”). it even covers alien abduction in a totally weird twist. go see it for something completely different.

when peter, takis, and i visited amsterdam earlier this year, we wandered the red light district in awe and amazement. of course, being the classy dudes we are, we never ventured inside a ‘room’ (yeah, like we have to pay for it?). this interesting article sheds some light on what goes on inside after the girl closes the shade and what kind of woman does this sort of thing.

there are a lot of urban myths going around regarding 11.09.01, but this one turns out to be authentic. and i know it’s stupid bullshit, but how did i miss britney spears’ half-naked appearance on the mtv music awards? (damn british tv and time zones)

da nile ain’t just a river in egypt, it’s a dangerous muslim trait that helps terrorism thrive. the islamic movement has given in to the idiotic ‘blame everyone but yourself’ theory. they’re in a state of denial about terrorism in their backyards. the question of why we are hated cannot be answered by us but by those who hate us. they’re the ones with the repressive, backwards societies and possessors of a mentality that is unable to deal with modernity. they’re the ones who must ask themselves, ‘how, in the twenty-first century, they could have produced a bin laden’. they’re the ones that have become their own worst enemy.

i was channel surfing during halftime of the big ou-nebraska game and saw that vh1 was having their big fashion awards show in nyc. not long after the opening credits, which featured the barely stomachable donald trump, was an even more vomit-inducing scene…hilary clinton introduced to a standing ovation from the crowd of vain fashion lemmings. this was followed by a “sharp dressed man” award presented to who else but sean (puffy, p diddy, or whatever the fuck his name is this week) combs. i don’t know about you but when i think men’s fashion, i think him. when i dress to go ‘out on the town’, i think, “now what would puffy wear?”. i could barely hold back my lunch after this trifecta of nausea. what a difference a few days and a different audience makes for h clinton. i think we all know how real people feel about her from the central park response. these celebrity/fashion/liberal/elitists don’t represent me or most other americans.

i know i’ve had ‘a prayer for owen meany’ up there on the left for a while. just haven’t had time to read. today’s truth is stranger than fiction and i can’t stop reading about current events in any spare time i do have. here’s one of my favorite passages from the book so far:
      your memory is a monster; you forget – it doesn’t. it simply files things away. it keeps things for you, or hides things from you – and summons them to your recall with a will of its own. you think you have a memory; but it has you!

remind me again why i wanted to move to california? where are the oakland area branch of the hell’s angels when you need em? and someone please turn this guy’s lights out. too bad he’s not in mike’s division.

the eels have a stupendous, new album out called souljacker. go buy it now. i’m lucky in that the uk version is a two-disc set with shit the us version doesn’t have. i sampled just a few tracks at the local borders and was sold. you must at least read the hilarious cd back-cover notes next time you’re in a record store. and cool name but unfortunately it and the unabomber theme comes at a bad time.

i’m starting to believe in the right-wing crank theory regarding the anthrax letters. there’s the fact that one of the letters containing anthrax, sent to Kenya, was posted before 11 September (by the way, why kenya?). with all the right-wing hawks on the hill, why target the leading democrat who has bashed the right in the past? i despise the ultra-left wingers with their anti-american protests, but free speech is what our country is all about, and at least they’re not trying to harm people (if this theory is correct). i don’t know what’s more dangerous, the lunatic left or the whacked right. i’m proud to be a moderate. what’s worse, this coming from foreign terrorists or from within?

this from an iraqi dissident who likens the fundamentalist mass murderers to the kkk and calls on muslims to stop continuing to wallow in the sense of one’s own victimhood to the point of losing the essentially universal idea of human dignity and worth that is the only true measure of civility. let me add to this my disgust at the numerous people (cnn guests mostly) that continue to describe america as bullies and arrogant and, once again, that ‘Americans should ask themselves why they are so hated in the world’ . as the author of the article states, using that argument is to make a concession; it is to provide a justification, however unwittingly, for this kind of warped mindset. The thinking is the same as the ‘linkage’ dreamed up by Saddam Hussein when he tried to get the Arab world to believe that he had occupied Kuwait in 1990 in order to liberate Palestine. The difference being that if the argument was intellectually vacuous then, it is a thousand times more so now.