Monthly Archive for September, 2001

from the italian guy that brought us the excellent cinema paradiso comes the beautifully shot but cringefully bad malena. granted it had the siracusa(syracuse, sicily) backdrop and the beyond-hot monica bellucci(damn!), but that wasn’t near enough to make up for the goonish italian townspeople, a story full of holes, and the stupid, horny kid who follows her around throughout. i don’t know italian, but even i could tell that the acting was terrible and cartoonish, on the level of that clown from life is beautiful, roberto benigni. my particular favorite scene was the one where the camera zooms in on the little kid’s erection when he first sees malena walk down the street(so classy!). and the scene where the jealous townswomen exact their revenge on malena goes on way too long. the only good thing that came out of it was finding out that siracusa might be a cool place to visit and my discovery of, as the film states more than once, “a great piece of ass”.

here are links to debunk some of those tasteless e-mails that are making the rounds: the last photo from the wtc, the wingdings prophecy, and the nostradamus crapola. and go here for an interesting, sometimes funny slide show.

i just found the world’s greatest web page…one that couples my two great loves: shakespeare’s verse and chicks in bikinis! o thee knowest there is a God in Heaven.

found some really cool vector animation at ant’s roots. i’m definitely gonna borrow the chromeless window javascript.

gooter e-mailed me today and related a disgusting incident at a uefa cup football game in athens, where greek fans jeered and tried to burn an american flag during a moment of silence for all those killed on 11 september. i couldn’t believe it, but was able to find some info on the disgraceful affair in a scottish site covering the game. sickening. even if fifty plus greeks had not been among the victims. just sickening behaviour. i know this is stooping to their level, but if i could only fly a crop-duster at that end of the stadium, we’d rid the gene pool of at least some scum. i just booked a flight to greece in november and makes me wonder if i really want to go. may God enlighten those pigs.

my server(media temple) is moving from the east to the west coast sometime later this week(26-28), so this site may be down for a little while or acting funky until i make some minor code adjustments.

dear readers,

you must know that fro:boy is incapable of opposing mr spielberg … and therefore must be taken with a grain – no, a nugget of salt here. damn, the guy even loves MRS spielberg and i can’t wait to see his online salvo to hype kate capshaw 😉 uh, as soon as he re-lights the candle in his shrine to her at home ;(

as f:b describes ai, we can see that even by his own hand he affims my claim that the film was mostly made of ripped-off stories disguised as something original … i can commend a modern (re-)interpretation, but recycled stuff from both minds is questionable. i jest all in good fun here to get fro:boy’s goat on the matter of the spielbergs, but beyond some cool f/x i cannot see nor agree with his full endorsement of said ‘blockbuster’. not dark enough to be old-school kubrick, in part b/c of spielberg’s goofy augmentations – what was up with that ewok in there?!

i can’t stop thinking about ai. in surfing for stuff about the movie, i came across an interesting forum discussing kubrik’s eyes wide shut and its possible attack on the scientology cult that its stars are members of(actually, not clear on kidman being a member).

now i really know jp must be on crack. he totally dissed the movie ai a few months ago. i just saw it here in the uk and i thought it was a great and thought-provoking movie. to use a critic’s words, ‘haunting and meloncholy’. i love ‘haunting and meloncholy’. based on a moving short story, the project was started by the old master, stanley kubrik, years ago and taken over by the new master, steven spielberg, after kubrik’s death in 1999. it still has touches and tributes to kubrik in it (gigolo joe’s dance reminiscent of alex’s in clockwork orange, hal and the slab from 2001:a space odyssey, to name a couple) and elements from spielberg’s past films(e.g. the perfect moon and the closet scene reminding one of et, supermechas v beings from ceot3k). it also has wizard of oz influences(dr know as the wizard), but mostly it is a darker version of the pinocchio fairy tale asking the question, ‘what if pinocchio could never be a real boy but believed he could?’. i thought maybe the movie could have ended poetically with david trapped at the bottom of the ocean for all time, praying to be real(too cruel and unsympathetic for spielberg?)…but the ending opted for wasn’t the disappointing, sappy ending i read about in some reviews…i think it showed us the great human trait of eternal, undying hope. one thing we need in these times. eerie and ironic is the fact that the twin towers are seen standing 2000 years later in the film. the message of hope in the film overshadowed by what human hate can do.

the wickedness and awesome cruelty of a doomed people and talks with a terrorist.