just finished watching 15 minutes. deniro was his usual excellent self. damn, that guy reminds me so much of my dad. his love interest was none other than the almost-mrs kostas kolliopoulos, melina kanakaridopoulakadakeredes…or whatever her name is….that greek wench from that hokey tv show, providence. kinda cool cuz deniro was practicing greek phrases so that he could propose to her in her native language. decent flick, though it went a bit out of control near the end and it had some definite weak links in both story and acting performances, most notably that fraser dude, who was way over the top(some might say he meant to be). overall, it gets 3 out of 5 afro picks from fro-boy. oh, and the reference to my cousin and plastics-recycling magnate kosta above was about his days as a graduate student at ohio state university. melina k was going there and they met thru a greek-american organization. they never really dated but hung out some, and word is that she wanted him…..bad. he coulda been a rich hollywood husband. but shed no tears, ladies and gentlemen, for kosta married the equally stunning anna(he was her ta, the dirty dog) and they have three beautiful kids together(one of which i was honored to baptize), and live in a beautiful new house, in a greek village near ancient corinth.

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