Monthly Archive for August, 2001

i’m in london, just got out of les miserables. excellent show, except for the part where we almost got spit on by the actors. we were that close. third row, stalls. stan and deb seemed to enjoy it as well. they’re leaving here tomorrow. i had a great time. hope they did…though they kept mentioning italy and what they saw there with mr-big-shot jp. i may stay down here another day or two to celebrate my promotion, before they call me and tell me it was all a mistake.

my family in athens is a baby factory. maria came early with another boy(27 august), while aliki delivered a girl later than expected(24 august). it’s amazing that they ended up just three days apart. congratulations to the fathers, aleko and dimitri, who made this all possible. august babies rule! (fro:boy = 06 august)

some people are so nice and such good friends that it doesn’t really matter how much time has passed since the last time you had seen or spoken to them. you just fall into a groove again. stan and deb are such people. (well, the nice part mostly applies to deb.) i’m lucky to have them as friends and was happy to celebrate my recent promotion(me? promoted? what were they thinking?) with them over dinner tonight.

i’m having so much fun here with my great friends stan and deb that i took an extra day off work tuesday. plus, mother nature cooperated and gave us a splendid, sunny, and mild day. today we spent the day in cambridge. s & d did some shopping, we walked around the historic city centre, checked out st john’s college, had some creamed teas, and did some punting on the river cam(stan did a lot better than i did my first time out). we were in london over the weekend and on saturday we saw a decent, small west end play stones in his pockets, the portobello market in notting hill, harrods dept store, and leicester and trafalgar squares. on sunday, we spent the whole day at the royal botanical gardens(kew gardens). nice, but it ended up raining most of the day. that evening we had dinner at a thai place in soho. monday was the most beautiful day and s & d saw the most stuff, including buckingham palace and st james’s park, st paul’s cathedral, the tower of london, the way-overcrowded notting hill carnival, and hyde park before having dinner at a cool little italian place in kensington. tomorrow, they’re going to spend another day here in cambridge and then probably go down to london thursday to see a big production like ‘phantom of the opera’, before leaving to return to the states friday morning.

this excellent look at 25 great screen villains is still being compiled(i think one is being added a day). i would’ve never thought of them, but have to agree most with the choices of hal the computer and the extremely creepy old couple/neighbors from rosemary’s baby.

hate it when you come down with a cold in the middle of summer, though you coulda fooled me that it was summer in this country. guess i’d be complaining about 100 degrees and 100% humidity in st louis or dc. just hope i get over this before the huffmans arrive (hideously early on saturday morning). i didn’t think about the famous notting hill carnival and the fact that this is a bank holiday weekend(a 3-day weekend in britain, monday off), so we had some difficulty finding rooms. ended up getting a decent rate(s) thru for the strand palace in the west end. i may finally get jp off my back about seeing that cheesey phantom of the opera show, since they’ll probably want to go to one. really looking forward to stan and deb’s visit. we’ve got a lot of catchin up to do.

rented bedazzled on dvd last night. funny flick. elizabeth hurley was scorching hot as the devil…she went from bikini babe to cheerleader to policewoman to mini-skirt-power-suit-wearing lawyer to french maid to (my favorite) catholic schoolgirl. that would’ve been enough for me, but the movie itself held up and was pretty damn funny. brendan fraser was a laugh riot as were the others in the cast…the sportscasters in the basketball fantasy were hilarious. check out the extended version of the basketball scene on dvd as well as the rock star fantasy scene that didn’t make the movie(if you can find it. it’s well-hidden on the dvd). also, gabriel casseus was excellent in a brief appearance as God. the san francisco scenery was beautiful as well. (i wanna live there.) i give it 3 and a half afro picks outta five. did i mention that elizabeth hurley was on fire?

v2001 festival is over. i was there saturday with a couple of friends. it was fun at times, but overall the worst music festival i’ve been to. i thought this virgin guy was mega-organized and efficient…they ran out of programs(the kind you wear around your neck) by 3pm the first day of the two day festival…no excuse. at a multi-stage event like that, a program is the most important thing to have. also, the sound quality on some of the stages left something to be desired, trash receptacles were hard to find, the much-touted porta-loos did have queues, and the traffic jam to get in was ridiculous. one thing the organizers couldn’t be faulted for was the shitty british weather as it pissed down rain all day(off and on). i’m just glad the girls who were originally going to come with us, didn’t. on the bright side, i got a chance to see the critically acclaimed sparklehorse(excellent, it’ll be my next cd purchase), and foo-fighters and the chilli peppers rocked the house. oh, i forgot the worst, most disappointing thing about the festival: because of the horrendous wait to get in, we missed atomic kitten.

best thing to come out of the movie 15 minutes, of course besides the actress playing the beautiful call girl whose life(and thus her screen time) was tragically cut short, was the rawkin remake of bowie’s fame by god lives underwater. i’ve got the mp3 version available to download(4.7mb) over there on the left.

just finished watching 15 minutes. deniro was his usual excellent self. damn, that guy reminds me so much of my dad. his love interest was none other than the almost-mrs kostas kolliopoulos, melina kanakaridopoulakadakeredes…or whatever her name is….that greek wench from that hokey tv show, providence. kinda cool cuz deniro was practicing greek phrases so that he could propose to her in her native language. decent flick, though it went a bit out of control near the end and it had some definite weak links in both story and acting performances, most notably that fraser dude, who was way over the top(some might say he meant to be). overall, it gets 3 out of 5 afro picks from fro-boy. oh, and the reference to my cousin and plastics-recycling magnate kosta above was about his days as a graduate student at ohio state university. melina k was going there and they met thru a greek-american organization. they never really dated but hung out some, and word is that she wanted him…..bad. he coulda been a rich hollywood husband. but shed no tears, ladies and gentlemen, for kosta married the equally stunning anna(he was her ta, the dirty dog) and they have three beautiful kids together(one of which i was honored to baptize), and live in a beautiful new house, in a greek village near ancient corinth.