Monthly Archive for July, 2001

due to popular demand, got rid of the ‘nicey-nice’ photo thumbnails of our occasional contributors over there on the left and replaced them with ‘hipper, cooler’ versions. there’s an x-tree special little lady out in boston who i’m itchin to add…if she’d just blog something…anything. it sure would make the site look purtyer if her face were on it.

sorry, jp. ivana seems to be pullin up the rear in the shagability index. i know what you’re saying…”but, oh, what a rear!”

puffy is growing even more as an artiste.

in a nutshell, don’t mess with the Carabinieri! Italy’s finest!

i “freaked out” an english girl the other day….by sending her a postcard from amsterdam. we went out once and i got her address on the internet. i thought i was being nice/she thought i was being a stalker(or something). and to think that it was the only postcard i sent, when friends and family that love me would have appreciated having received one. oh, and the card depicted(you may be wondering) a still life with flowers from the rijksmuseum. i won’t say what i really think about her and won’t judge british girls by her. i have only four words: people are fucking bizarre!

i’m excited…found a venue nearby that actually has cool bands. in nottingham. yeah, that’s right, the town in the robin hood legend. there’s a place called rock city and, check this out, stp is playing there next month. and for something totally different, air have a gig there in october. i don’t know why cambridge sucks so in terms of music. on the up-side, a borders just opened downtown. i know, us corporate conglomerate that’ll put all the little guys outta business and all that…but damn, people!…at least they stay open after 6 pm!

do yourself a favor and bookmark america’s finest news source now. where else would one find updates on the jenna bush wetlands? my favorite in this edition is the list of top euphemisms for menstruation. but what up with including greek-cypriots in the newly formed ethniklashistan? ship the damn, cyprus-squatting turks over there. otherwise, some funny shit.

is dick cheney dead yet?

my days are back to reality…work my ass off for the man and once in a while enjoy a video/dvd. no more long days at the beach, at least not for a while. last night i saw the pledge with jack nicholson, directed by ‘spicoli’ himself, sean penn. i liked it. great cast, though some were barely on the screen, and filmed beautifully(set somewhere in nevada). most reviewers liked the movie, but it’s always interesting to read a contrasting opinion from mr cranky. yeah he’s cranky, but damn funny. no dvd’s in the ps2 tonight…it’s madden2001 time(thanks, dear bro)…and the raiders rule!

i saw a cool, little movie on dvd called panic last night. it was one of those flicks that you don’t expect much from and pleasantly surprises. it was filmed in only 25 days and was directed(first time) by a guy that was involved in one of my favorite tv shows, “homicide”. it’s about a man(william macy) who works as a hit man in the family business(with donald sutherland as the patriarch) and is trying to deal with a mid-life crisis by visiting a therapist(played by 3’s company’s legendary actor, john ritter). i liked the tone of the film and it had good performances all around, plus it had the foxy neve campbell on the screen a lot….that alone will get a thumbs up from me.