Monthly Archive for June, 2001

just when i thought bella gaeta was safe – a couple of days ago, someone held up a bank downtown, and popped a cap in a cop to boot … usually a neapolitan pastime. big news here in the gulf. what’s classic italia about this is that the perp is said to be a blonde femme fatale, and the keystone carabinieri have cast a dragnet over the town stopping and interrogating any and all blonde ragazze who pass or drive by. ahh, perhaps another smokescreen for these guys to cop a feel … and no doubt neighborhood watch vigilantes are out in force, keeping us safe and checkin out the babes.

peter and i picked up megan at the new athens airport around 1pm on tuesday. we went to papagou so she can meet everyone, had a big lunch by thea bessie, then i dropped peter and megan off at the athens metro. they went to the acropolis, plaka, and monastiraki. when they returned, we had dinner by maria(again delicious) on the veranda and met cousin eleni kakamboura for a drink in kolonaki. sorry about the mix up at the beer academy, eleni, but we were there.

after returning monday afternoon from spetses, we drove up to velo to see the cousins and my vaptistira one more time. we also went by theo dimitri’s and drove with him to see theo christo in the hospital. he was in the corinth city hospital and it was the worst, most depressing hospital i’ve ever been in. if this is what socialized health care provides, fts! it was like a bad prison hospital and it reminded me of tv video of hospitals in third world countries. theo was in terrible shape and was having great difficulty breathing, even with oxygen. he did manage to talk to us a bit. he told me he didn’t think he would make it out of the hospital alive. i was thinking about telling him that he didn’t want to go yet, because then he’d have to deal with yiayia politi….she would always scold him whenever she saw him for his gambling habit. after we left hospital, we went to see thea marigo. she looked great, but was understandably upset over the health of her son. theo dimitri treated peter and i to a great dinner at a neranza taverna right on the gulf of corinth. we said our goodbyes around midnight and then drove into athens.

well, after a long drive to porto heli for our boat ride, we made it to spetses. the weather was perfect and the water even better. there were many stone mosaics all around the town’s main and old harbor. very cool! if it wasn’t for a small allergy problem on saturday night, we’d most likely have stayed out later for some spetses clubs. once again, benedryl saved the day and sent me into a wonderful slumber. sunday was much different. besides the food still being great and the weather being perfect, we had a small spill on our way to one of the many beaches. the motor scooter didn’t seem to respond kindly as we drove down a gravel hill. Ouch! Pics to see later. Why, oh why does chris have to hurt me mom? we were bleeding everywhere! no, just kidding…just some small flesh wounds on our knees…hands…and elbows. oh well, time to log off and ship back to the mainland. bye.

the tiny greek island of spetses actually has an internet cafe…and check this out!…it’s in the politis cafe and patisserie. great food, beautiful greek women, too much sun(peter=no dehydration), and some thrills and spills on a motor scooter. we found a room thru a grizzled old greek dude who drove one of the horse drawn carriage/taxis. basic but with a decent view of the old harbor. the villa helena was actually one of the few places listed in my budget tour guide. peter and i are awaiting the flying dolphin to go back to the mainland after spending two nights here, then we head over to neranza, corinthos to see relatives, and on to athens to be ready for megan’s arrival tomorrow afternoon.

one more post before we leave for spetses… today, pete and i went to a beach in vrahati(just outside velo) with the beautiful kolliopoulou girls in the afternoon, then up to kefalari(dad’s village) for a few hours. theo efthimio and thea roula weren’t home, but got to see theo christo(farmaki) and his giant dog. we checked out yiayia’s house, dad’s old grade school, papou’s grave, and we each lit a candle in the little church by the cemetary. our hearts are heavy and we pray for our theo christos politis, who is in serious condition in hospital.

by the way, i had to leave athens because that town is only big enough for one christara. we were starting to get on each other’s nerves, and someone was gonna go down sooner or later.

beach, babes, sun….more of the same yesterday…but it never gets old. this time, maria made some fantastic fresh fish for dinner and we later met cousin alekos and very pregnant wife aliki for drinks at the beer academy in an athens district called agia paraskevi. (eleni…where were you?). aleko was way too generous and picked up the tab. today, we went south to velo in corinthos(not too far from the canal that seperates the peloponese from the rest of greece). i’m dialing in from cousin kosta’s great new crib there. came to see my goddaughter aliki and cousins and then peter and i will go to a couple of islands(spetses and hydra). i’ll try to check in one more time tomorrow and then we’ll probably be offline until we return to athens on tuesday.

the eels sing a tune that goes, “goddamn right, it’s a beautiful day, uh-huh…” and the lyrics reflected our day today. we went to another athens public beach, this time vouliagmeni, ate another great meal by maria, and then went down to kolonaki(an upscale athens district that’s great for girl ogling….errr…people watching) for a couple of drinks. called it a night at 12am so we could catch the last metro home and that’s where we are now. gonna watch an old x-files before we crash and do the same thing all over again tomorrow…ahhhh…this is the life!

yesterday, spent most of the day burning my snow white, livin-in-bloody-england-for-the-last-two-years body in the greek sun at an athens area beach called varkiza. had a great dinner by beautiful cousin maria and then spent a few hours in plaka, shopping and just hanging out. plaka is the ancient shopping district below the acropolis. you can find nice, hand-made things but also the tackiest, trashiest items that could compete with any of america’s boardwalks. Things like porno coasters and t-shirts that say stuff like “1% love, 1% relax, 98% sex…100% greece”. who actually buys that shit?