Monthly Archive for May, 2001

oh, the horror! i’ll never look at those quaint, red, phone boxes the same way again.

we’re back in england, actually having arrived yesterday. we pretty much slept and layed around the flat all day, recovering from the amsterdamage. did go out to dinner in cambridge, but that’s about it. we had taken the faster ferry back and i forgot to mention how nice the cabins in the slow ferry on the way over were. 4 beds(bunk style) and it’s own bathroom with shower. now i wish we had done the same coming back. probably needed it more. and speaking of nice, the hotel okura was so posh that the boys couldn’t help but shift into playa mode.

no third day report, cuz we pretty much did more of the same. besides the scintillating conversation the punks supplied me with, they wouldn’t leave the red light district. i must say that after passing the same women for the nineteenth time, it actually gets kinda old. plus, you start feeling a little pathetic…but i’m the good chaperone, so whatever makes them happy. did also do one of those lame canal cruises, where they translate one sentence of trivia into like six languages. and those dutch bastards put the english translation last, when we’ve already floated past the point of interest. it’s only the most widely spoken language in the world. we’re going to have dinner here in a couple of hours and then drive to rotterdam to see niko, kelly, and the kids again, before we shove off tuesday morn for the uk.

day two here in amsterdam and i had to duck in here for a doppio espresso to ease the pain in my head. another beautiful day here. woke up late(noon) today, as expected, and walked over to the rijksmuseum, which probably houses the second most impressive collection of art in europe(the louvre probably being tops, though i personally have not been there yet…just read that tidbit in my time out guide). followed that with a quick snack at a cafe in the museumplein, where i got the punks to try some sushi. the van gogh museum was way too crowded, so we’ll try again either tomorrow or monday. we then walked down the leidsestraat(major shopping street, but construction is going on there, so it wasn’t too pretty), to the city centre, where we just came from the ‘sex museum’. very educational, though the boys got yelled at by the old dude that runs the place for loitering around the homosexual, sado-masochistic/bondage display far too long.

it’s 3 am here in amsterdam and they have an easy everything internet cafe here. buck-fifty an hour. can’t beat it. we’re just wrapping up our first day here, though we spent a few hours earlier in the day with most excellent cousins nikos and kelly in rotterdam. i’d like to detail our experiences here, but this is a family show and if the man finds out, i could be in trouble(just kidding, of course). suffice it to say, we went to a ‘coffee shop’(i had coffee!), a bar, walked around the red light district(appalled, of course, at the shameful display…and man…it takes a while to see it all), and caught a live ‘show’. now, time to catch a cab from centraal station up to our lux hotel, get some rest, and start anew tomorrow for a full day here.

we went punting on the river cam today. my first time after living here for 2 years. for those that don’t know, “punting” is where one stands at the back of a boat and pushes/steers with a long pole by pushing off the river bottom(similar to venice). as peter and taki will attest, i was terrible at first(easy to be critical when you’re lounging in the boat having a bud)…going in circles, hitting the bank, ramming other punts, losing my balance and almost falling in…but after a while i was king of the river. pictures will be posted here later. here are a few more photos of the crew in and around cambridge two weekends ago. at the market. by the river. on trumpington street. with st. john’s college in the background. in front of king’s college.

here’s a random sampling of photos taken from pete and taki’s excellent adventures, uk. my personal favorite is lightin up a spliff with a friend at the british museum. also see pete and taki at a club (scala), in the underground, and with the marbles. props go to jp, the official photographer on the uk leg of the excellent adventures.

i know i’m taking a big chance by doing this….you know….panting female fans scratching at my door begging for a little fro-boy-love, but i’ve added a link(over there to the right) showing where home is at the moment. pretty. historic. green. (visit me sometime, mama and baba. i miss you.)

finally…we’re booked. we’re off to amsterdam this friday and returning tuesday morning. took me forever to find both accomodations and ferry tix. blasted brits and their bloody bank holidays. actually had to extend the trip a day, thus we’ll need to find a place to crash monday night. after much searching, i found a 5-star in amsterdam(yeah, i said 5-star…only classy joints for fro-boy, though his punk-ass brother and cousin will bring down the class quotient a bit). we’re staying at the hotel okura (yep, you heard right. a japanese hotel in holland) and taking the stena line ferry, with car, from harwich to the hook of holland. we’ll swing by rotterdam to visit cousin nikos and his lovely wife kelly and kids. hey, maybe they’ll be willing to put us up monday night?

i just caught the tail end(pun intended) of the italian open womens’ tennis finals. where did this beautiful, yugoslavian girl – jelena dokic come from? granted, i don’t watch much tennis, but she finished off that big, lesbian, french player fairly easily. my theory… jelena’s outfit distracted her opponent. seriously though, she can give anna k a run for her money in looks, is powerful, and plays with a real intensity. i’m her newest fan.