Daily Archive for April 8th, 2001

if you ever wondered about the real-life events that inspired the scariest movie of all time, read about the haunted boy of cottage city. of course, i’m talking about the exorcist. like fro:boy (but in reverse), the story travels from the washington, dc area to st. louis (where the actual, final exorcism takes place by priests from st. louis university). an old girlfriend of fro:boy’s went to slu, then broke his heart…wonder if there weren’t some remnants of evil still around?

the tab bottle design is classic! the logo, stars, and textured glass is so late 70’s, but in a good kinda way (which is rare for that period…disco still sucks!).and the one crazy calorie ad campaign seems to have been penned by paul scaeffer. i don’t remember what the stuff tastes like, though. wonder if it’s sold here in the uk?

hah – i knew that’d get your goat! i was quite lucky, having heard they had some in stock last weekend – can’t believe they lasted so long. btw new fro look is cool … reminds me of someone i’d seen in either room 222 or the mod squad – time to break out some Tab 😉 (said link has a cool bio and photo gallery – i’d forgotten about the failed other-flavored tabs). speaking of christi, yeah – where is she?? and btw, i’m in for a boston roadtrip too 😉 new italian words for the day: aspirapolvere and pulire … i will try to borrow my landlord’s aspirapolvere (vacuum cleaner) in my effort to spring pulire ((v)- clean) the villa today.