Daily Archive for April 7th, 2001

jp, you bastard! i’ve been just missing the ps2 at our exchange. they had a bunch in last thursday that lasted a whole day and a half, but i didn’t find out about them until saturday. i’m jealous. and btw, where is the gorgeous christi? she teased us with her first blog last week and has since disappeared. i wanna hear about boston. can i visit?

while running some errands in napoli, i found and pounced on a PS2; tax-free at the exchange and the last one on the shelf!! dvd works well (i give ‘red planet’ a B-) / audio player is kinda cool coming from the tv (broken in with charlatans UK inaugural cd) / good to see lara again in tr III (ps1 games also run on ps2). now for some hard research on the ps2-specific high-octane games which fire all of the MhZ pistons 🙂