Monthly Archive for April, 2001

i always wondered what they meant by heel and toeing in the car magazines i’d read. now i know. warning: don’t try this with your docs on.

chicks that fight, cool music, and cameron diaz in spiderman underoos! i was sold. i have very low expectations for any film made from a tv series, especially a bad one like charlie’s angels, but i really enjoyed this flick. sure, you didn’t have to do much thinking, but who cares. there were beautiful women in some really well done john-woo-crossed-with-the-matrix-style slo-mo action scenes and cool special fx. the soundtrack included a couple of my all-time favorites in korn’s ‘blind’ and the prodigy’s ‘smack my bitch up'(during an excellent back alley fight scene with the great crispin glover). also, some cheesey tunes that were perfect in their place(‘brandy’). on the downside, there was an aerosmith song thrown in. there were just too many hilarious scenes to mention but the ones with tom green as ‘the chad’, the soul train white girl dance(to sir mix-a-lot’s ‘baby got back’), lucy liu as the quality improvement specialist(to heart’s ‘barracuda’), and especially every one with crispin glover(who, by the way, never utters a word in the movie) were my faves. the key is that it was really funny, hip, and fun to watch.

reeled in! i was reeled in like a fish. the bait was a ‘feel-good-movie’, of all things. i usually don’t go for hollywood sap, especially disney-fied hollywood sap, but remember the titans had a few things going for it. first, it had football. i’m a huge football fan and the football scenes were strong. second, good acting. denzel was his usual solid self. will patton was excellent as the former head coach and the little girl that played his football crazy nine year old daughter was hilarious. third, a really good, based-on-a-true story. sure, it had cheesey moments, but they were well outnumbered by ones that gave you a lump in your throat.

fresh-outta-tha-oven pictures of my newest nephew. damn, he’s hairy! (just like his uncle)

in keeping with the glorious raider tradition, our first pick in this year’s draft was another guy with a rap sheet and from florida state university, hard-hitting safety derrick gibson. he can step in and play right away. next, the team picked up a young version of rich gannon in washington qb marques tuiasosopo. not great physical tools, but can run and is a proven leader and winner.

somewhere back in my archives is a little story about one of those boy-band guys getting into trouble in st. louis. it involved harassing a little girl/fan who happened to be a daughter of a friend. anyway, to my surprise, i found the incident described on one of my favorite web sites the other day, complete with legal documents(they’re suing the little, geeky bastard…good for them).

i just finished bill bryson’s notes from a small island. a fantastic, funny, travel memoir about the american author’s last tour around england before he moved back to the states. maybe it was more interesting for me because i’m living in the uk, because a friend in st. louis said she found it boring. i read it with both a michelin guide and a road map(plus a hilighter) handy to cross-reference places bryson visited and to note places i want to visit. i do recommend it, especially for anyone coming here. i’ve added to my reading list, his books on the appalachian trail, a walk in the woods, and language, the mother tongue.

fro-boy’s webcam is online(sometimes anyway…still don’t have unlimited internet access). click the quickcam icon to the right to experience life with fro-boy. or as close as you can get, since you can never have his juice. probably either pointing in his bedroom(you wish, laydeez) or outside the bedroom window of his lux cambridge flat by the river.

Xristos Anesti ! and Happy Easter. my family has become a baby factory. my sister just had her fourth boy on Good Friday (ilias, after my dad). and we have 4 coming from cousins in greece, including a set of twins. God bless and may they all be healthy.

the toadies are back! they finally came out with a follow up to their most excellent and hard-rocking 1994 album, rubberneck. this one’s called hell below, stars above and from what i read, it’s as good, if not better than the first. must purchase, especially since rubberneck is one of my all-time faves. can’t imagine it’s better. i saw them twice in DC. once at the annual chili cookoff in georgetown and once opening for bush(the band. remember them?). they were among the best live shows i’ve seen. brother-where-art-thou-pete: you could bring that along with the ps2 when you visit me.