Monthly Archive for March, 2001

damn! i still suck? i’ll try my best to become un-sucky. jp is in the clear as always. bastard. anyway, good to see that christi’s joined fro:boy and friends, though this could be a one-blog-and-out scenario like peter and christina(peter blames aol). and i never thought of gooter and jb contributing. i think gooter would scoff at the idea.

well, it’s official, this is my first ‘blog’. you still suck christos, i’m not completely over you coming to dc, having a b-day party for my dear friend jp AND NOT giving me ANY info. thought you loved me…guess i was wrong…. for the record jp, i DO NOT hold you accountable at all…. who else is out there doing this blog thing? jp? gooter? john b?

i admit that i stole this, but it’s funny:

Scientists have come up with a composite picture of what Jesus probably looked like and I just can’t believe it. It’s totally unbelievable. According to the photo, Jesus was my cabbie this morning!

OUCH!!! I think I was just hit by lightning.

i wonder if david copperfield made his former model girlfriend sign a similar secrecy agreement. it’s a shame those kids couldn’t work it out. if magic couldn’t keep them together, what hope do the rest of us have?

never thought i’d say this about a ‘character’ movie, but i really enjoyed you can count on me. basically about the relationship between a 30-ish brother and sister who had lost their parents at a very young age. laura linney(the sister) deserved her oscar nom for best actress (btw, couldn’t stop being amazed at how much she looks like christi). but how did mark ruffalo(the brother) not get nominated for best supporting actor? i thought his performance stood out. the flick got one of the highest ratings i’ve seen at rotten tomatoes.

another supa-cool shockwave site is pre apocalyptika gone bad. these dudes are good. the intro is great and there are some excellent toons and games. make sure you play ‘hurt rubberboy’. (my fave is hitting him in his right arm. and if you play long enough, he’ll mock you.) also, their ten ways to be like them are hilarious.

it’s always been one of my favorite body parts. finally, someone has dedicated a web page gallery to it…yes, i’m talkin about the almighty, multi-hued nipple.

tim burton has developed an amazing, animated, on-line series called stainboy. it’s a minisite. you’ll have to download the free shockwave player, if you don’t already have it. i saw the match girl episode, but am going back to see the other five soon. loved it and definitely has the burton look and feel to it (see ‘nightmare before Christmas’).

if you’ve found froboy here, you’ve figured out that i’ve moved to a new server, media temple. they’re pretty cool(check out their flash homepage) and get back with answers to technical problems fairly quickly. i still have some of my pages on yahoo/geocities(mostly the pix galleries), so those annoying ads are still around on those pages. i even bought my own domain name, in case anyone’s wondering, “christos” was taken, so opted for the partial greek spelling(using a greek chi or x in place of the english ch). even was taken for a religious site. (xristos means Christ in greek.) that’s alright, because domains are cheaper and i’m based in the uk at the moment anyway.

i suck. i was all ready for my first visit to paris this weekend, but had to cancel because i caught a nasty bug. there were four hot, greek-american ladies there for some female accompaniment and everything. i’m a sick and unhappy puppy. i waited until the last minute to cancel, hoping that i’d get better, but the damn thing hung on all week. i know i caught it on the plane back from dc. seems to happen every other overseas trip. a question for my doctor cousin jim: can getting these flu/infection things as often as i do be a result of a bad bout with pneumonia as a baby? had to be hospitalized and wonder if that somehow weakened or damaged my immune system?