Monthly Archive for February, 2001

more web cam fun, as christos does his imitation of a white eminem. (don’t assume i’m a fan and don’t look, mom.)

i’m having so much fun here in sarajevo that i may stay until monday. i’ve actually gotta see some people tomorrow and will have to rush to catch my flight in the afternoon. tried to change it to sunday, but all is booked up. it’ll give me a chance to see a little more of the city. i want to visit the site of archduke ferdinand’s assassination(an old bridge). an event that ended up snowballing into ww1. and i also wanted to check out the old olympic venues, specifically the ski jump. i’m just a little worried about mines now. just heard some horror stories from a german soldier at lunch.

web cams are cool! and they have them(surprisingly) here in the ‘internet room’ at camp butmir in sarajevo. here’s christo’s first attempt at using one for a photo…hi mom!

i’m in beautiful, bullet-ridden sarajevo, bosnia-herzegovina. i can’t believe this city actually hosted the 84 olympics (and, i’m told, campaigning to host another). i remember seeing beautiful pictures of the area at that time and now, as i drive thru the downtown area, there are so many war-torn buildings and general poverty. long strips of project-type housing that remind me of the worst parts of my hometown, st. louis. on the up-side, there is a very nice old-town section with a pedestrian plaza and some nice architecture. reminded me a bit of athens’ plaka district. some cool handmade goods for sale here. i picked up a beautiful greek coffee pot(‘briki’) in ‘tin alley’. may go back for more, especially since the scenery was so good (yugoslavian women are definitely easy on the eyes).

oh-oh…paris is on hold. that special ‘parisian paradise’ deal only applied for two. i went thru the whole online reservation process only to have someone from call me at home the next day. i’ll have to try and make alternate plans, unless, of course, there’s a lonely lady out there that wants to join me(and has about 150 pounds to spend…i’ll throw in a dinner and the carvousier and, if she’s lucky, some sweet lovin.)

it’s official. fro:boy is going to experience some parisian paradise. just for the weekend of march 17-18. it’ll be my first visit there and first ride thru the chunnel. the hotel in the photo looks pretty lux. (that can’t be right.) i’ll have to be prepared in case it is…maybe bring a bottle of carvousier for the classy, french dames i might meet. i take that back. there’ll be four beautiful greek-american chicks there keeping me occupied.

ya don’t have to be cranky to agree that casablanca is way overrated.

shadow of the vampire was a brilliant movie. willem dafoe was particularly excellent as count orloch, though his make-up did half the work for him. it makes you laugh in spots(in a black comedy sort of way) and makes you think…”who’s the real vampire?”…since cinema captures the soul or as one character says, “theater audiences give me life, while the camera takes life from me”. some liberties were taken with historical fact but they’re minor(e.g. real female lead was somewhat dumpy) and i think cary elwes’ character was overly “rogue-ish”, but i’m being too analytical. i also think everyone should see the classic “nosferatu” before they see this, to fully appreciate it.

another dreary day here in cambridge. think i’m going to go see shadow of the vampire today. i love the vampire myth(?) and have seen the 1922 fw murnau silent classic nosferatu, which this is based on. roger ebert has written a good and detailed review of the classic. good memory refresher, cause i think i last saw the movie around the time i took a cinema class in college.

funny you mention it, i just saw the trailer for ‘best in show’ today. it does look very funny. the husband of ‘stiffler’s mom’ was a regular on conan as ‘oldie olsen’. i think he recently passed away. i love the line, “we both like soup”. looks like half of the old sctv cast is in this one(a good thing) and, yeah baby, that’s what i’m talkin about….the delicious parker posey…speaking of delicious, the movie that followed the trailer was almost famous and all i wanna say is that chris robinson of the black crowes is one lucky man. he just married the tasty kate hudson. movie was so cool and took me back to that era, though i was a bit younger than the characters. excellent performances all around and the flick has an extremely warm heart. i highly recommend it. oh yeah, anna paquin gets an honorable mention on the delicious-scale, but she’s got a small role. and fairuza balk gets sluttier-looking with every role(and i like it).

ah, allow me to submit two honorable mention moments from irene ; irene looks thru whitey’s glasses/hubble mini-lens, and irene walking in on hank (or was it charlie?), uh, reviewing her case in bed. well, i’m finally back home – looking forward to getting my morocco pics developed – i don’t think ‘1-hr development’ has reached this far south of rome but i’m pretty sure you can drop off pics of your enemy and have them hit within an hour. i think we’ll have to break, uh i mean leave the conference site and go to the matthew sweet show on mar 07 at 930; i didn’t see anything hopping at the black cat. oh yeah, i forgot to salute your girl parker posey’s performance in ‘best in show’ – do check out the movie’s page and don’t miss jennifer coolidge’s over-the-top get-up. amazing.