Monthly Archive for January, 2001

got this from a friend, so haven’t checked its accuracy. kinda funny though:

“Come the millennium, month twelve,

In the home of greatest power,

The village idiot will come forth

To be acclaimed the leader.”

-1555, Nostradamus

i’ve set up a new weblog, dedicated to the silver and black. it can also be accessed through my homepage(the raider helmet). i thought it would be good timing, in that the hall of fame was announcing it’s 2001 inductees today and two raider greats were certain to be honored. or at least one, surely. but no…i forgot…this is the nfl and we’re talking raider players.

that fat ass was fined for falling on our mvp. still no justice since the wrong team is still gonna be playing in the stupor bowl. i think i’ll opt for the “jackass” marathon on mtv.

props to andre! and i so feel timmy’s pain.

this from a bay area newspaper:

The once-controversial veteran receiver(Rison) actually brought unity into the locker room this season, giving Brown a counterpart he had long sought. And Rison, too, was surprised by the chemistry he found on his seventh NFL stop.
“We’re all best friends on this team. You don’t look around this locker room and see a bunch of old men crying like this is our last time or our last chance,” Rison said. “We’re gonna be back next year, then we’re gonna be back again, then we’re gonna be back again.

“They don’t stop making those Super Bowl trophies after this year.”

But they will hand this season’s to someone other than the Raiders. And that, Brown admits, might be a bit too much to take.

“Right now, I can’t even imagine watching it,” he said.

found a site for sending FREE text messages to a mobile phone anywhere in europe! cool cuz virgin would charge me for sending from my phone, unlike my service provider in the states(at&t). i’ll have a permanent link on this page soon. my number here in the uk is 07941946352. send me a note and make me smile.

congratulations to george w bush, our new president. may God be with us during his reign…umm…i mean term.

i can totally dig limp bizkit’s anger management 2000 requests. i put dimmers on the lights in my virginia pad and now can’t imagine living without them. (lucked out and have them standard here in my cambridge flat.)

monumentthat’s the view down from inside the monument in london. if you look real close, you can see the jp’s foot, being the amateur photographer he is. the monument has an interesting history and is the tallest free-standing column in the world. since jp missed the stufest, he visited london to attempt to recapture the spirit(with limited success). we even made it into the eye with no waiting. i guess it helps to go on a weekday cuz there was a crazy-long line the next day(saturday). what a great view of london and it really feels stable, considering it’s just a giant ferris wheel.

just win, babygood read on al’s relationship with gru and what went down after the dissappointing loss. i can’t really blame him for being pissed at the team’s performance vs a baltimore team they should’ve handled.

mustangJP and Christos visited England’s Duxford Imperial War Museum last weekend. Great collection of airplanes. The American Air Museum section, which opened in 1997, was the highlight. As usual, didn’t have enough time to spend there and will be visiting again. Great place to take kids and probably the only chance any normal human would have to board a Concord.