Monthly Archive for December, 2000

fro:boy, bro, and friends (including beautiful cousin sofia) are gonna go check out jon spencer blues explosion tonight at mississippi nights at laclede’s landing in tryintobehip st. louis.

send fro:boy a text message via his st. louie-based cell phone. ladies are welcome to talk dirty to me.

so whatcha think of the jolie=croft preview link down there? perhaps now you’ll admit that ew isn’t so cheesy afterall 😉 who else could tell you that mi hermana cristina aguilera has the inside track to sing the anthem at the Utah games? take that brittney – maybe you could get to sing at the dedication of the 1000th starbucks store or something. it’s flurrying in the ssr of maryland as i type … fortunately i’m warmed by family (and a giant-brand fire log to boot)! Looking forward to the prospect of the Gmen clinching homefield this weekend hosting jax – those lame dome teams mn and stl don’t stand a chance outside in cold, windy nj on grass to slow them down. tha raiders were robbed, but hopefully the zebras got it out of their system and will behave for the post season.

thanks for the ps2 tip – i may hold vigil as well (and consume the milk and cookies left out for santa waiting!) Buon Natale a tutti! JPR

good 2 see that jp was able to publish. great air site, btw. and i’ve seen that “democratic seal” printed out at work, by my ultra-conservative co-workers. i’m in freezing cold st.louis, missouri for a white Christmas. anxiously awaiting the next raider game to clinch a first round bye and home field in the 2nd round. boys are hurting a little but they should be alright. in a shopping mall with free internet access right now, but gotsta get myself into an espresso-induced haze and buy more gifts. also, hear a local compusa is selling 15 ps2’s on Christmas eve. may line up for an attempt…wish me luck. Merry Christmas!

hope you had a good trip back. london wrapped up ok for me: saw ‘the 6th day’ at leicester sq … you’d have loved the opening scene as it began in an xfl game 🙁 ok, i’ll admit it pained me to see ahwnohld try to act and it was almost as painful to see m rappaport hold back most of his ny-ness in a subdued role … however, the premise was cool and those clones were spooky and almost worth the price of the 10 quid i payed for a matinee – i think only 5 more would have gotten me into a strand show. btw, i was blindsided by where the above hyperlink landed but i thought the pic was funny 😉

yeah, where was the talented ms christi?? i was hoping to impress her by ordering and consuming a guiness stout, a jonesing that’s stuck with me since shore leave in monaco 😉 perhaps a moon safari in gaul will be the ticket next month, oui?

lastly, thanks for an excellent job of hosting me in the uk!! had a smashing time. also, the tombraiduh present was boss 🙂

my boy, jp, is visiting from italia this weekend. (but where’s the beautiful christi? she teased us with the possibility of her appearance.) at the moment, we’re on london’s oxford street, in the easyeverything internet cafe(bomb deal on internet access!). just got done with the war related museums today(imperial war and cabinet war rooms). i also checked out a small part of the tate modern, which is worthy of many revisits for the awesome gift/bookstore alone. off to cambridge shortly, where i’ll pull an all-nighter to listen to the raiders pummel the jets on espn sunday night football and clinch a playoff spot.

do you think you’re hot? submit your photo and let others be the judge. warning: this site can be addictive. and be generous with your vote…maybe you can make someone’s day.

reading festival 2000 is old news now, but you can still reminisce.

some excellent advice regarding “water sports” from dr. swoon. yeah, baby, yeah!

this due to popular demand…christi, christi, and more christi.