two reasons to go ahead and end it all: 1-stufest2000 is over, and 2-raiders lose again to an inferior denver team. the guys showed guts again, coming back from 14 down in the 4th quarter to tie it, only to go to a prevent d with a minute to play and let them get into fg range. to lose to one team so consistently spells one thing: black magic. someone in denver obviously has an al davis voodoo doll. amazing proof of raider overall dominance thru the years that they are still well ahead in the head-to-head series even after losing 11 of the last 12. and by the way, raiders have a winning record against every team(but for a couple of the newer ones with only 2-3 games played). some notes on the mnf game: zebras sucked again, even with the instant replay. no excuses, but greg beikert had a td on the fumble he scooped up but they, upon further review, curiously let denver keep the ball and even called it a completion! raiders still had their chances and should have won it. punt block for a td killed and too many dropped passes. remember that starters t wheatley(rb), m stinchcomb(lt), l johnstone(de), and s janikowski(pk) were out and the boys still almost won with all the turnovers. one thing no one has mentioned…had sebastian been healthy(obviously a black magic-induced injury…who ever heard of a kicker getting a foot infection?), he would have tried a 60 yard field goal at the end of the 1st half in the thin denver air. instead, they threw up an unsuccessful hail mary. plus, he surely would have been putting the kickoffs thru the end zone, giving denver 15 more yards to go on that last mini drive.

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