Monthly Archive for November, 2000

lotsa photos of little christara from fro-boy’s thanksgiving holiday in athens. world’s greatest thea (bessie) even made a delicious turkey dinner. opa!

fro-boy’s hideous train experience on his return trip from hellas made the headlines.

the tally is up to eight quarterback ko’s in twelve games for the silver and black en route to their league-best 10-2 record. read an entertaining piece about the man once known as the genius, who built the raidernation.

you ever heard of this one? george ‘i luv money’ lucas was strapped for cash and probably baked when he made the star wars holiday special, aired in ’78 before he knew what royalties were on the horizon; it’s never been seen again nor will g’ilm’l permit it’s re-release on video, but bootlegs are reportedly ‘priced to move’ on the e-trading circuit. in addition to an emaciated leia singing something worded to the classic themesong (i can’t tell what would be worse – hearing said theatrical holocaust or seeing it), we’re treated to a cast of thousands … bea arthur, art carney, jefferson starship to name a few. show was so bad lucas refused to put his name in the credits … and guiness was smart enough to avoid it alltogether!

btw, is a ‘gonzo’ journalist defined as a baked guy with a typewriter? who is this guy, aldous huxley? and why did they make me read brave new world in 11th grade ‘problems of the 20th century’ class???

following my quarterly viewing of JFK (don’t ask, or remember i only get on channel), i did a search on ‘jim garrison’ for fun and found this interesting nugget of knowledge . do check out this list next time you watch the movie to see author mcadams de-bunk several key components of stone’s mantra, from characters to events to even dissing da DA himself … the rest of the page is well-organized (aren’t all cia counter-counterculture pages like that?) and addresses much of the jfk-lore (including who coined the term ‘grassy knoll.’

speaking of conspiracies, here’s an odd link about fla dems eating away at bush’s lead during the re-count … and how some sunshine state felons are really dem political operatives 😉

btw, my entry from last week may not have made it … only today have i discovered the ‘post and publish’ button as well as the hyperlink tool (duh!)

more reason to worship the raiders…check this out:just binge, baby. the great gonzo journalist hunter s thompson is a raider fan, baby, and hung out with the boys in the 70s.

two reasons to go ahead and end it all: 1-stufest2000 is over, and 2-raiders lose again to an inferior denver team. the guys showed guts again, coming back from 14 down in the 4th quarter to tie it, only to go to a prevent d with a minute to play and let them get into fg range. to lose to one team so consistently spells one thing: black magic. someone in denver obviously has an al davis voodoo doll. amazing proof of raider overall dominance thru the years that they are still well ahead in the head-to-head series even after losing 11 of the last 12. and by the way, raiders have a winning record against every team(but for a couple of the newer ones with only 2-3 games played). some notes on the mnf game: zebras sucked again, even with the instant replay. no excuses, but greg beikert had a td on the fumble he scooped up but they, upon further review, curiously let denver keep the ball and even called it a completion! raiders still had their chances and should have won it. punt block for a td killed and too many dropped passes. remember that starters t wheatley(rb), m stinchcomb(lt), l johnstone(de), and s janikowski(pk) were out and the boys still almost won with all the turnovers. one thing no one has mentioned…had sebastian been healthy(obviously a black magic-induced injury…who ever heard of a kicker getting a foot infection?), he would have tried a 60 yard field goal at the end of the 1st half in the thin denver air. instead, they threw up an unsuccessful hail mary. plus, he surely would have been putting the kickoffs thru the end zone, giving denver 15 more yards to go on that last mini drive.

i once, maybe twice, said that british girls weren’t all that. thanks for helping me see the light!

brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!…the second harry potter book, chamber of secrets. can’t wait to read the others, though reading bill bryson’s “notes from a small island” first, to get scoop on stuff to do around england. i hear it’s a funny and interesting travel log of an american’s journey thru the uk.