Monthly Archive for September, 2000

wow!…look what i found. our very own majestic. only one review and cut mid-sentence, but it is positive. mapquest is pretty cool. you can find out what’s in the area and check out a map on how to get there as well.

must i explain everything? jp asks what a larry king moment is. i was just copping his usa today writing style with that blurb. you know what i mean, his bite-size statements like: “you can put this down as a sure thing: me getting married for the 18th time.” or “my choice for actor of the century: rob schneider for his superlative work in ‘deuce bigalow, male gigolo’.”

oakland raiduh news: damn disappointing loss last week to denver in front of a packed house at home. the boys got down 17-0 (can you say “turnover” 3 times?) and came storming back to tie but did zero in the second half. just saw the taped game, so thanks to pete and georgia for mailing me my weekly raider fix, even though it was a downer. as i write, i’m listening to the last few minutes of the game v the browns, and i’m happy to say, the silver and black bounced back well (34-10 so far) and will go into their bye week on top of the afc west at 3-1. attention bro! work on gettin those tickets to kc asap!

Olympics Coverage

I’m pissed…and not in the British way. Those bastard announcers for the Olympics on the British Eurosport channel are super critical of the American athletes. Those idiots were describing American swimmers, who were elated over winning medals, as showboaters (just one example). Yeah, you’re in the premiere sporting event in the world, you beat the best athletes in the world, and you’re not supposed to be happy. I suppose you’re to act like a cold, snobbish British fuck. And man, they get so excited when an American gets beat, it’s pathetic. All I have to say is check the medal count baby! I think freakin Trinidad and Tobago has more medals than Great Britain, who I’m sure tally most of theirs in “sports” like equestrian, trampoline, or synchronized diving(what the hell!?!).

Pete’s Raiders at Indianapolis Experience

As I left U of Dayton on I-70, I listened to the Indianapolis sports radio. They kept saying how the Colts will dominate, especially at home. Well, considering it was their home opener vs. THE RAIDERS, and that I was driving in heavy rain; I decided to park near a local mall just near the RCA dome. By the time I parked and began treking through the rain, my boys were already down 14-0. I just wanted to find a local pub with a tv, but instead I got a TICKET! Someone late for the game had a $30 ticket extra and away from his $90 seats. When he asked for $40, I pointed to my new Raider T-shirt (compliments of Telly). I then said, I needed beer money and my team was already loosing after 10 minutes. I got the ticket for $20. By the time I found my seat, it was 21-0. Near halftime, the Raiders showed some defense. I was wet, pissed off, tired, and beerless. I then treked down to the concourse level. Well, after 2 quarters of domination and superiority over the Colts, The crowd was silent. Dead on opening day. It wasn’t the dark rain clouds that nailed the Colt fans down,…..It was just another BLACK SUNDAY in the Silver and Black Book.


Harry Potter Rules!

I just finished ‘The Philosopher’s Stone’ (book one of four) and it was amazing. No better way to describe it than magical. if I had kids, I’d make it a habit to read this to them every night. I enjoyed it as much as any child could and I’m moving on to book two right away. A well done fan site can be found at fandom. This could be a great movie if done right. It’ll be released sometime late next year. Chris Columbus is directing, so it’ll probably have a Gremlins feel to it. Personally, I would have preferred a darker edge with someone like Tim Burton as director. if you have flash (it’s cool, and free…download it), visit the official Warner Bros movie site.

Does anything beat a woman in a fishnet body stocking? (sorry, was having a Larry King moment.)

Off to Deutschland

Fro-boy’s gonna be drinking beer in Stuttgart, Germany until Thursday. Still not as good as real ales in the UK though. I’m staying here.

the smoking gun has some interesting stuff, including the george bush drunken wedding video and an article on the fbi investigation of the jdl going after tupac and eazy e. cool file folder design, too.

some freakin’ hilarious shit at bert is evil. could he also be responsible for such outrages as the hideous success of britney spears(though she is ez on the eyes), boy bands, or maybe even the immaculate reception? one thing i don’t get though….how does givin pamela anderson some sweet lovin make you evil?