dyn-o-mite story CP! no way that’s real … there’s gotsta be some ‘photoshop’ enhancement of the pic, right??? this is my 1st time in here so no idea what i’m entering. believe it or not, i had quite a mane going in the 70s myself … more bobby brady from the later ‘bunch’ era, although i never had the privelege(sp?) of owning one of those cool shirts with the barefeet logo. always wanted one.

speaking of radical style, i went downtown to pay my rent yesterday and near via independenzia (aka piccolo alley – cool gaeta shopping district) there were these huge banners hanging from town hall: imposing che guevara prints, red flags with sickle&hammer, and some poster calls to action with a clenched fist. i had hoped rage against the machine was holding a fundraiser soon, but my landlord confirmed i had just missed a 3-day red festival traditionally run in august by aspiring marx brothers-in-arms nationwide.

just picked up my 1st dvds today in napoli … the matrix and jfk. don’t know if the $20 price tag will make my vhs library close its doors just yet though. oh yeah, almost proposed marriage to the girl working the omnitel desk when i went into gas up my cell phone credit … bella neapolitanas always take after their patron saint sophia loren!


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