i am froboywhy did i name this blog page and choose my web alias to be “fro-boy”? well, it goes a little somethin like this…

when i was a kid going to grade school in st. louis’ stix school(in the, gulp, ‘city’ school district), i was one of the few white boys there and, you know how it is, you wanna be cool and look like all the other kids. plus, maybe with a tough looking fro, lamont wouldn’t have kept stealing my lunch money. and mrs. tooley, my english teacher, would have maybe looked at me differently(i had a serious crush). i even loved and went to see every sidney poitier/bill cosby buddy picture as soon as it came out. favorite tv show: ‘good times’. and so, i’ve always wanted a fro. at one point, in junior high, i even had my mom take me for a permanent, but i ended up looking more like skreech than isaac hayes. anyway, now with the magic of photoshop and the web, i can sort of live out my life-long fantasy. still not the same as feeling the wind in my hair while driving a gto, and featuring a groovy pick, but ya gotta take what ya can.

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